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Communication Terminology

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A statistical process whereby a smaller sub set of people from the entire population is selected to form a sample. The people chosen share the characteristics that are representative of the overall population. The results obtained on studying a sample can therefore be generalized as being applicable to the whole population as well.

The science where the content and the ways in which signs and symbols are expressed are studied. The focus is on understanding how meaning has been assigned to the signs and how the meaning is being communicated.

Social Marketing
The use of marketing concepts and principles in order to bring about positive changes in beliefs and attitudes for the greater good of society.

Spot Schedule
A set of advertising messages that are telecast during only one or two periods each day.

A scheduling technique where similar programmes are telecast as a group one after the in order to ensure that audiences continue watching the same channel.

A research methodology that is used to gather and investigate data from large samples via the use of detailed interviews or questionnaires.

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