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Communication Terminology

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Marketing Communication
Publicity and promotion for the products using different medias like TVs, Internet, Social Networking Sites etc as a mode of advertising.

Mass Communication
Transmission of messages to the people through various modes of communication that interests people in getting information from particular platforms, Mass communication uses strategic methods to relay the message to public in the most attractive medium that gathers more attention.

Mass Culture
Influence of common exposure to the popular culture familiarized through mass media and interaction among the people with common interest having an effect in the everyday lives of the people.

Mass Media
TV, Newspapers, Internet etc as a mass media helps to connect large number of people to send messages and information in a very short period of time.

Media Buying
The part of an advertising campaign that deals with identifying the media to be used and paying for or booking advertisements slots or space. This is done after negotiating pricing and deciding on the airing or publishing dates.

Media Dependency Theory
The theory suggests that there is a correlation between how much a person depends on the media and the level of importance that media holds in his/her life. The more the media fulfills one’s needs, the more importance its gains in one’s life.

Media Mix
It is the combination of different media that is selected to carry the advertising message to the target audience. The media are selected based on their reach and use among the target audience and if they help achieve the main objectives of the advertising campaign.

Media Planning
The process by which advertising agencies sift through a variety of media in order to identify the best and most suitable media that can be used during a campaign.

Mediated Interpersonal Technology
The use of technology as a medium for a face to face conversation like Internet, telephone etc.

Refers to either television series or films that have emotionally charged plots that contain elements of tragedy and romance. Common everyday situations and stereotypes are an integral part of these dramas.

A set of verbal or nonverbal communication that contains information to be passed to another person or group.

A description or representation of something that can be used as referral.

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