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Communication Terminology

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Activities or events organized to achieve the intended goal of reaching audiences that use various advertising methods like Road shows, TV Commercial Films or CF, Internet etc., for a specific period of time.

A Space provided for brief explanation below an image or video or poster.

The release of pent up or suppressed emotions through indirect ways.

An individual who has a claim to fame because of his achievements in a particular field. He/she is widely recognized by large groups of people. Example: Actors, Sportsmen, Pop Stars, etc.

Refers to the numerous and at times excessive number of advertising or non-programming content that an individual is exposed to while viewing television.

A space given for writing an article that shows the opinion of the writer. The writer is called as columnist.

An advertisement slot that appears from 15-30 seconds in TVs, Radios, films with an object of capturing the viewers/listeners attention within those given seconds.

A television programme format where a combination of dramatization and testimony is used, normally to promote a product or service. Example: Home shopping television channels which demonstrate the benefits of various products and ask the viewer to call in and place an order.

The process of sharing or exchanging information that is made of understandable language, usage of symbols, writing, speaking and sign languages are some of the modes of communication.

Communication Competence
It is an extensive ability to conduct an interactive communication that has exception accuracy, clarity, knowledge on the context and generate adaptive communication deciding on the perspective.

Communication Policy
Policies that is set by the organization who are the final authority to decide the communication to be made, setting communication policy is the vital role of a company that determines the method to give the stakeholders and the public an effective and high quality information that can accurately engage the in the two way communication and response.

Community Radio
A model of radio broadcasting that is not commercial or public service in nature. It is a non-profit service whose target audience is small geographic communities or other small groups of people. They are run by the communities that they seek to serve in order to help bring about development.

Controlled Media
The publication materials that are controlled and distributed by the company or organization themselves like Newsletters, Brochures, leaflets etc., to make their employees aware about the progress of the company, new product launch,achievements etc.

A person who proofreads the softcopy to check for typography, punctuations, style and language, the person is otherwise also called as proofreader.

A process of legal procedure created in protecting the creative work from any unauthorized use.

Corporate Communications
It is a set activity that involves managerial communication that is set to operate both internal and external communication to build trust of employees, stakeholders and general public with the organization.

Correlation Research
A type of analysis where two variables are compared against each other in order to check if the two share a relationship between them.

A scheduling technique where a programme in a completely different genre from that which is aired on a rival channel is telecast in order to attract a different audience.

Cross programming
The stretching of a storyline over two episodes of two different programmes.

A reporter who has newly joined a newspaper who is being trained. He is also referred to as a rookie.

Cultural Studies
An analyzed critical study on the cultural implications that can influence or conflict with the traditions, with a continued understanding of the given culture, the communication is seasoned according to the cultural influence and preferences.

Current Affairs
A form of broadcast journalism where news stories that have recently taken place or is of ongoing interest is discussed or analyzed in detail.

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