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Communication Terminology

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Impression management
Efforts made by an individual or a group working to improve and create a positive image about themselves.

In-Depth Interview
A qualitative research method where the researcher engages in a one to one personal conversation with an individual in order to gather information on a topic of interest. The interviews are mostly unstructured and proved a detailed insight into the thoughts and views of the person being interviewed.

Independent Variable
The variable to which a particular treatment is applied, the one that is manipulated or changed in an experiment.

Informal Communication
Communication links and networks that doesn’t follow any pattern or charts that is followed in the organization, they arise through natural interactions among people.

Inter-organizational Communication
Communication structures that flows between two organizations that enables the competitive spirit in between the organizations.

Intercultural Communication
Interaction between the individuals or groups with two different culture or subculture as their background.

Assigning meaning by understanding and preserving the process relying on the actual model to get the information.

A question and answer session carefully planned and executed to exchange information between two parties.

Issue Management
The process of addressing the public that concerns with the impact of organization’s direct involvement with high priority given to the reputation of the organization and the team of issue management comes up with the solution for the identified issue.

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