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Communication Terminology

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Date Line
A brief space that has dates included in the news articles when or where the story has occurred or filed.

A scheduling strategy where a day is divided into different parts and during each individual part, a different type of programming is aired. This is done to meet the needs of the target audience that tunes in during that time.

Defensive Communication
Behavior that occurs in the form of communication to defend him/herself when the person feels threatened, the increase in defensiveness affects the person’s manner of speech, verbal content etc losing the spontaneity and clarity of the message sent to the listener.

Dependent Variable
Variables in an experiment that change only due to manipulations done to the independent variable. It is the variable that is measured to understand the effect of making changes to the independent variable.

Descriptive research
Research that focusses only on describing existing conditions in the society without measuring the effects of a particular variable.

Development Communication
A concept, approach or philosophy that deals with the use of communication and its principles or techniques in order to bring about development and improve the society.

Development Journalism
Journalism that focuses on bringing about development in the society by reporting on the need for development, obstacles to development, actions taken by the government and successful projects. Normally an investigative style of reporting is used here.

Display Ads
An advertising type that displays images, logos, such ads are usually found in posters, billboards, flyers etc.

Downward Communication
The message and the information flows downwards following the chain of command in the organizational hierarchy. The responses from the downward communication move along the same path reaching the higher up of the chain.

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