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Communication Terminology

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Background Information
This involves locating/investigating the basic sources to collect the primary information about the subject. The background information is the stepping stone to continue any type of communication process and style that will help in better understanding of the concept.

Basic Research
Research that is conducted to increase or expand our understanding or knowledge about various phenomena and is mostly theoretical by nature.

A reporter’s area of specialization or the topic of interest he or she exclusively focuses on. Example: court beat, education beat, health beat, local sports beat, etc.

Being prejudiced or inclined towards the information and ideas. The inclination is for or against a person or information. The biased information or outlook is considered unfair and usually fabricated.

Published by individuals online, it is an expression of their thoughts and ideas in the form of writings, art, photography, etc. It may be in the form of a commentary or a diary.

A group discussion activity where the focus is on the expression of multiple ideas and thoughts that could be used as solutions to a problem. The aim is to generate as many creative ideas and approaches as possible and not on making a final decision.

Broadcast Feature
Broadcasting of news story that gives more coverage than the regular news that is usually from 30-60 seconds. A broadcast feature takes deeper look on the story/event very detailed information. This method is used in all mass communicative mediums.

Located above an article in the newspaper, it consists of the name of the journalist who has prepared the news story.

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