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Communication Terminology

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A strategy for scheduling new or untested television shows between two other well performing or popular shows.

Hard news
News that is timely and characterized by its importance to large groups of people and features information about happenings in the government, legal cases, disasters, scientific developments, etc. It is highly fact based.

Appears on top of an article in a newspaper, above the byline and is the main title. It sums up the main essence of the news story in very few words.

A social phenomenon that occurred during the Victorian era. It dealt with the pursuit of sensually self-indulgent pleasure.

It is the science and art of interpretation. It deals with the rules, principles and methods that are applied during interpretation and explanation.

The chain of command or power of authority where the subordinate reports to superior in an organization, it can also be called as ranking.

The first page in a website that a person views when he/she types the main URL of the website. It is the front welcoming page and normally features information about the website and has links to other pages. Example: the page that appears when you type www.facebook.com.

Horizontal Chain of Communication
Exchange of information and interaction with two or more number of people who are on the same hierarchical level of the organization.

A scheduling technique where there is no break for advertising between two programmes. The second programmes starts as soon as the first one ends and this technique is used to make audiences of the first programme watch the second as well.

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