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Henry comes to work regularly on time and his performance has been consistent. One of his colleagues, Riya, believes that he is a diligent worker and gains satisfaction through working hard. Another colleague, Joseph, sees him as a worker who performs just for the sake of money. Do you agree with Riya or Joseph? This judgement could say a lot about your style of management.

Theory x and Theory y

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Amy is well aware of the benefits of engaging in some form of physical activity. Yet, she wakes up feeling zero motivation to move her body an inch. So she chooses to stick to her daily routine of waking up, glugging down a mug of cold coffee and driving her way to the office. She feels guilty about it every single day and decides things will change tomorrow.

cognitive dissonance

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As things become heated up, a big argument spews between Nicole and Petra. They are throwing cuss words and hurtful statements at each other without realizing the kind of consequences it would later lead to. In that overwhelming moment, both forgot everything about each other and let their impulses completely take over.

So what is the matter exactly?

barriers to effective communication

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“Am I capable of doing this?”

We question ourselves about our abilities on numerous occasions; Be it in terms of our skills, character, personalities etc. and how do we try to find answers to these questions? The only yardstick by which we measure ourselves is through others.

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