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Communication Terminology

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The delivery of any subject content to the end user by means of electronic equipment or devices with the help of multimedia tools. Example: DVDs, Websites, Mobile Phones, etc.

Editor is the person who approves the article/content for publishing after reviewing and refining.

A piece of an article written by the experienced editorial staff expressing their views on the current/trending events in magazines or newspapers, it can often be seen as a parody cartoons. Editorial articles are given a separate section, where Letters to Editor also appears.

Refers to the time period when news organisations cannot air or publish news information that they have obtained. They can only publish the news once the time period passes. Example: When details of the President’s speech are released early to the press but they are not allowed to release this information until the embargo has been lifted.

In advertising, when an individual, mostly a celebrity backs or attaches his name to a product or service which he may or may not be an expert on.

A complex or having a feeling of superiority in one’s own culture and group.

A detailed and wholesome account of the structure and function of all aspects of a culture. It is the outcome of a process of systematically observing a culture, describing, documenting and analyzing the findings.

The eminent character, moral and beliefs of an organization or a company is otherwise called as ethics or standard.

Explanatory Research
Research done to explain or to find reasons behind existing condition or behaviors in society.

Exploratory Research
Research that is conducted in order to know more about a problem that has not been defined clearly. It depends highly on secondary information and deals with identifying the most appropriate research design, research method and sample.

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