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Barriers to effective communication

In a Nutshell

The barriers to communication and the ways and means of over coming them to achieve effective communication.

  1. Barriers to communication result in undesirable reaction and unfavourable response.
  2. The communication exercise fails because the feed back is absent or falls short of expectation
  3. Barriers to communication are caused by environmental, physical, semantic, attitudinal and varying perceptions of reality

I.      Environmental and Physical barriers:

(a) Time – adopt appropriate fast channels of communication

(b) Space – maintain the distance in the communication exercise as determined by the situation

(c) Place – Avoid overcrowded incommodious and ill-lit, ill- ventilated places to achieve effective communication

(d) Medium – Choose the appropriate medium oral / written (sign (audio/visual) medium.

II.      Semantic Barriers:

Connotational meanings of words – Choose the correct and precise word depending on context and the receiver’s felicity in the use of language.

III.      Cultural Barriers:

Understand and accept the cultural variations in individuals and groups. Appreciate them and adopt your communication style to them.

IV.      Psychological Barriers:

Try to understand the receiver’s mental make up and attitudes.

V.      Perception of Reality:

Try to understand the different levels of perceptions of a situation and an issue. Be open, flexible and transparent.

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