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Forms of Communication

Communication means transferring messages from one to another through any medium. There are various forms of communication like Intrapersonal communication, Interpersonal communication, Group communication and Mass communication.

forms of communication


Mass communication plays the vital role because it reaches very large number of audience. Basically Mass communication has two forms one is Interpersonal communication and another one is media communication.

Five major forms of communication:

  • Intrapersonal Communication

  • Dyadic Communication

  • Small Group Communication

  • Public Communication

  • Mass Communication

Fig. A. Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal communication is a communication which happens yourself. Here both Source (sender) and receiver is only one. so, the feedback works without any interruption. Example: A person can communicate himself through pain, thinking, feelings and emotion etc.

Fig. B. Dyadic Communication

In Dyadic communication, two persons are involved in this communication process. Here the Source becomes a receiver and receiver become Source because of dynamic communication process were the feedback’s are shared between Source and the receiver.

Fig. C. Small Group Communication

More than two members involved in communication process will become a group communication. If least number of persons is involved in the group communication is called as small group communication. In this communication process, everyone becomes a Source as well as receiver through sharing information and gives feedback to another.

Fig. D. Public Communication

In public communication, Source or messages from a single person will reach or received by huge number of audience. But in this communication there is no mutual feedbacks between source and receiver like small group communication and it’s only focused on Speaker.

Fig. E. Mass Communication

In mass communication, basically have a large number of audience and they are all can’t grouped together in one place so we need certain tool or technology for communication process. But in mass communication, there is no direct access with receiver. So, for that they need media like newspaper, radio, television and internet. Here the audience feedback is very less or delayed.

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