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Replies to Enquiries

Any letter of enquiry to an organization should be responded to / replied promptly. A prompt reply is the basic etiquette that an organization should follow. Promptness should be assessed from the view point of sender of the enquiry. The reply to an enquiry should have the courteous thanking feature, thanking the sender for his interest. The reply to an enquiry should be so prompt and correct that it should change a routine enquiry into a firm order. The reply should provide all the answers to the questions in the enquiry letter. It should even answer implied questions and unasked questions. The tone should be cheerful and the information complete. Details of dates, price, quality and quantity etc., should be exact and correct. In short, the reply to an enquiry letter should not give scope for the enquirer to ask for more clarifications and further details. The reply should have a clinching effect.

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