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Social support as the term defines is the support and assistance that each person attains from his fellow beings. It brings out the significance of relationships in human lives.

social support

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In a society a support can come from any source such as from close relatives like family members, neighbors and even from colleagues. The concept which served as defensive element to people’s susceptibility to the consequences on stress was proposed by Cassel in 1976.

Social support is based in a network of relationships termed as social support network. These networks are stress relievers in this busy world. In this fast growing world, it is vital to be in a part of one of these social networks.

Social Support

Social support by definition is how people support each other within a social support network. The supportive communication within these networks will lessen uncertainty thereby establishing reassurance. People experience physical, emotional, and monetary support from these networks.

There are three major perspectives for social support and the first one emphasis on stress and how the social support naturally helps to normalize and control it. The reason for this is due to the secure feeling that the people achieve from communicating with other people.

In second perspective social support affect the health in a positive manner through a boost in self-esteem that the person receives through the support of other people.

The third perspective is how relationships play a role in a person’s health. Any relationship forms a kind of social support which enables a better health condition and thus concluding the importance of social support for better condition and well-being.

Social support can offer other functions other than health benefits.  A social network can be a hub of people supporting each other providing help and support in all cause.


Social support can be used in various medical situations, especially stress and other psychological problems faced by people today due to feeling of insecurity. A group of people can work together as a team to provide help and support for the unfortunate and also boost their self-esteem through awareness, seminars and counseling.


Lee Shapiro was a retired judge. Understanding one of the major problems the world is facing now is stress, low self-esteem, and insecurity; he along with some of his friends became huggers and brought out the hugger kit. It said a heart for a hug.

They would go out and hug everyone possible and as a return they will receive a small embroidered heart. He extended his services from streets to hospitals where the situations were even worse.

The patients showed exceptional difference in their behavior as they felt secure through their hugs. With positive attitudes the patients began reacting to the medicines faster.

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  • Igbokwe June 17, 2019, 5:48 pm

    It is a life saver, health promoter. Its awesome.

  • Khaled Alyami January 3, 2020, 6:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing another interesting perspective.

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