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The Libertarian theory is one of the “Normative theories of press”. The theory which is originally came from libertarian thoughts from 16th century in Europe. The libertarian theorists are against the authoritarian thoughts.

libertarian theory

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International trade and urbanization undermine the power of a rural aristocracy which leads various social movements raise includes the Protestants reformation, that demands individual’s freedom and their own lives and free thoughts. Liberalism means information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Libertarianism is free from any authority or any control or censorship. The libertarianism is an idea of individualism and limited government which is not harmful to another.

Libertarian theory:

Libertarian theory sees people are more enough to find and judge good ideas from bad. The theory says people are rational and their rational thoughts lead them to find out what are good and bad. The press should not restrict anything even a negative content may give knowledge and can make better decision whilst worst situation. The libertarian thoughts are exactly against or opposite to the authoritarian theory which means the authoritarian theory says “all forms of communication works under the control of government or elite like king”.

Strength and Weakness:

  1. Freedom of press will give more freedom to media to reveal the real thing happening in the society without any censorship or any authority blockades.
  2. Is reliable with U.S media traditions.
  3. It gives more values for individuals to express their thoughts in media.
  4. Theory excessively positive about media’s willing to meet responsibilities which may leads people into negative aspects.
  5. Is too positive about individual ethics and rationality.
  6. Ignores need for reasonable control of media.
  7. Ignores dilemmas posed by conflicting freedoms.


Wiki leaks website published all sorts of confidential or restricted files in public space and especially classified documents. These articles are providing brief knowledge about the government and its activities which helps people to identify what is happening in the society and its gives great choices to elect a better president in future.

Sometimes these documents may work against the government and its authority that is why most of the country is not willing to allow libertarian thoughts because it may affect their power and kingdom.

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  • Oluwakemi August 21, 2023, 3:09 pm

    Libertarian theory of the media is actually the best to practice due to the fact that its allows feedback from the people to the government.But unfortunately under the same theory many journalists and media owners are abusing it rather than using it for the benefit of all .

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