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Importance of Communication to Organisations or Importance of Business Communication

The importance of communication can never be over-emphasised. Communication is the ‘lifeblood’ of all organisations. It is of vital importance to the well being of a state, a business enterprise, a religion and other social or cultural identities including the family. The success of a business enterprise is directly proportional to the level of communication maintained by it. In the new context of globalization and free trade, organizations have to communicate cutting across national and cultural boundaries. Unless effective skills of communication are used, an organization would run the risk of getting insulated and fossilized. Modern techniques would not be available to them. Within an organization, effective inter-personal relationships are possible only if communication skills are cultivated. Today, Multi-nationals organize communication courses for their employees irrespective of their positions. Effective communication enhances the potential of the employees and acts as a motivating force for greater efficiency and productivity.

Good communication skills place an organization at the correct slot in the society. The image of an organization depends on its ability to communicate with, the society around it. Good communication promotes better understanding between the employer and the employee. In this competitive environment, organizations vie with each other to acquire an employee – friendly image. Thus, communication skills help in establishing, running, producing and marketing of products by commercial establishments. A worker will not be able to turn out a good product and a customer will not buy a product however good it is, until each is convinced to do so through effective communication.

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