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Cultural Barriers

In the context of globalization and free trade, business communication has to cut across different cultural identities. These invariably cause cultural barriers that have to be overcome. The relaxed and leisurely pace of the Easteners, the formal and official style of the Britishers, the casual and matter-of fact nature of the Americans, the thorough nature of the Germans and the extreme courtesy and politeness of expression of the French are all cultural features. It is easy for an American to give his opinion even to his boss whereas decisions and opinions are seldom expressed in the presence of elders and seniors in the East. To overcome any cultural barrier to effective communication one has to possess an understanding of the culture of the receiver(s) / decoder. Even in body language there are variations. If a Filipino smiles, they say he is angry. The loop formed by tip of the thumb and index finger is a signal of agreement in North America but an obscenity in the Southern states.

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  • Sharon Rodriques January 5, 2013, 5:01 am

    Great info has defined the differences between
    Diverse cultures.

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