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Correctness / Accuracy for effective business Communication

Business letters should have the quality of correctness. Correctness is related to grammar as well as the communication level. A business letter is less formal than a scholarly writing. But it should not degenerate to a sub-standard slang level. Business communication will have the quality of correctness if unnecessary formality and jargon are avoided. Of course, the sentences should be grammatically correct.

1. We invite all employees to participate in the annual get together:

All employees are requested to join in the annual get together.

2. The Management made attempts to ascertain the views of the employees:

The Management tried to find out the workers’ views.

3. The police interrogated the neighbours

The police enquired / questioned the neighbours.

The second alternative in each pair is less formal but more suitable for business communication. The data given in a business communication should be verified f its correctness. English language offers scope for the choice of the right W (»rd because of its rich vocabulary. The right word would be the one that carries the precise meaning, be informal in character and suits the level of communication.

Compare the following pairs of sentences and discover the correctness in the second sentence.

1. This document has to be signed with ink.

This document has to be signed in ink. (correctness related to grammar)

2. There is no difficulty to try new avenues of business.

There is no difficulty in trying new avenues of business. (correctness related to grammar)

3. He is an imminent lawyer.

He is an eminent lawyer. (correctness related to vocabulary)

4. He was here on February 29, 2003.

He was here on March 1, 2003, / February 28, 2003. (correctness related to date)

5. They aren’t capable of solving the problem.

They are not capable of solving the problem.(correctness related to substandard language in the first sentence)

6. We will endeavour to provide high class service utilising our experience in continental cuisine.

We will try to give good service using our experience in continental cuisine. (Less formal and more at the level of business communication standard).

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  • kamal butt October 6, 2011, 10:09 am

    please provide a letter using correctness.

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